Live Blue, with Buoy.

Time spent near, in, on, or under water connects us to our emotions and creates some of our sweetest memories. This response to clean, healthy water is what I call Blue Mind*.

Water isn’t just about survival, hydration, and hygiene. Water-based activities such as bathing in water at the start or end of a day, being close to the soothing sound of water, and playing in the water with your family are closely tied to better mental health.

As Chief Evangelist for Water (CEH₂O) at Buoy Labs, my job is to reconnect people to their Blue Mind – at home and wherever we roam in the world – helping them to Live Blue. Buoy helps us remove worry from our lives and add more joy, creativity and relaxation.

When you buy a Buoy today, we’ll contribute $50 to the Blue Mind Fund.

You’re taking steps to Live Blue in your own life, and we’d like to help you share that with others. And you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

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