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Our Mission

We built Buoy because we love our water, and know that, despite rising water prices, it's possible to keep using it in all the ways we love: deep baths, beautiful gardens, backyard swimming pools. Buoy gives you the data to make decisions, so you can use water where it matters most to you. Even better, we help you save money by avoiding damaging leaks. Now that's smart.

Visual Guide

Buoy Logo

The main Buoy logo is gray and white, and should be used on a white or light gray background #FAF9F9. The blue and white logo should be used on a dark gray background, preferably #3F4040. The all-white logo should be used sparingly, and only on the Buoy Blue background. Please be careful to not change the colors or skew the dimensions of the logo.

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Our Colors

The Buoy primary color palette consists of 3 main colors: Buoy Blue, Dark Gray, and Sunset Orange. BUOY BLUE represents water and peace of mind and is used as the main accent color. DARK GRAY is elegant, yet a little relaxed, and is used for both text and background. SUNSET ORANGE is energetic, attention seeking, and playful, and is used to bring attention to a button. The use generous use of WHITE space allows the product imagery and messaging to have lightness and clarity.