Buoy + Annual Subscription and Waterhorn with $200 discount

Your discounted purchase includes:

  • Buoy device ($99 ... usually $299!)
  • Standard installation by a licensed plumber* in 49 states and Washington, DC (FREE!)
  • Monthly subscription to the Buoy service ($17.99/mo, paid annually)
Optional accessory:
  • Waterhorn for installation ($99)
We include the waterhorn automatically because it's often useful for installations.  If your plumber doesn’t need it, just contact us for a free return shipping label within 15 days of installation for a full refund. 
    * Installation must be completed within 60 days of purchase. 


    What is a standard installation? In less than two hours, a plumber will install Buoy on 4-13” of exposed pipe that has at least 6” inches clearance from walls, pipes, and appliances, without needing extra pipe or fittings to do the job. For flex line installations, the plumber will secure Buoy to a 20x20x10 space on the wall that’s less than two feet from Buoy’s connection to your flex line.

    Non-standard installations can require:

    • Cutting into walls or digging up pipes
    • Reworking your pipes to create space for Buoy
    • New copper pipe, pressure regulators, or similar supplies
    • More than two hours of time

    Supported Installation Configurations (must be above ground)
    Horizontally – inline, with a waterhorn, or with flexible line
    Vertically – inline or with flexible line

    If you have a slab foundation or aren't sure where to install your Buoy, contact our support team and we'll help you find the right spot.
    View the Installation Guide